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Blasting Systems

Blasting Cabinets/Rooms

Blasting can prove to be an effective measure no matter your process. Whether you’re looking to give your product a matte or satin finish or you’re looking to clean or remove chemical coatings or paint, B & M Industries can design the blasting system best for your process. The blasting systems which we provide are engineered for low-cost cleaning, peening and profiling with high production rates in mind.

We provide portable blasting systems, as well as blasting cabinets and blasting rooms, in manual or automated configurations. Our automated systems come fitted with indexing turntables, as well as rotary blasting nozzles, to ensure total coverage for your process. The modular design of all of our blasting systems will allow you to choose only the features and accessories your application calls for, while avoiding costs of unnecessary features.


Call 1-800-935-0989 to discuss your Blasting System needs with our sales team.
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