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Machines & Systems

With 40 years of experience in building and customizing Industrial Machines & Systems, B & M Industries can help you design the Machine & System your process requires, to meet your quality standards.

The B & M Industries Co. offers Agitating Dip Washers, Turntable Spray Washers, Conveyor Spray Washers and Custom Washers, all with customizable features.  From the materials used to manufacture the machine, ultrasonics, and robotic automation;

B & M Industries' lines of Cleaning Systems can be customized to meet your quality standards and minimize price per part.

Offering a full line of vibratory and high energy finishing systems to meet your industrial metal finishing requirements.


B & M Industries can help speed production while adhering to today's strict government regulations.


In addition to a complete line of conventional vibratory equipment, B & M Industries offers fully integrated, high energy systems to handle your specific, unique parts finishing specifications.

We have partnered with multiple companies capable of supplying the equipment for solvent cleaning as well as the Solvents used for the cleaning process. This allows us to provide our customers with turn-key solvent cleaning systems.

Offering a full line of Blast Cleaning Systems to meet your company requirements, B & M Industries can help speed production and improve product quality while adhering to todays' strict government requirements.  

In addition to a complete line of manual hand cabinets, B & M Industries offers a fully integrated semi and fully automated; air, airless, and wet blasting systems.  B & M Industries is a large stocking distributor with a complete line of Blast Medias. 

We offer a full line of downdraft tables and booths which are designed for the capture of harmful fumes and dust in the workplace. With tables and booths coming in all sizes, we are sure to offer a machine which will meet your application needs while creating a safer work environment.

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