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Solvent Cleaning Machines

Vapor Degreasers

The Vapor Degreasers which we supply are trusted around the world. With options ranging from vapor-only washing to solvent submersion and ultrasonic vapor degreasing, there is sure to be a line which can be custom built to suit your application's needs.

Frequently used in the aerospace, medical or oil industries, the base models of all our solvent cleaning lines can be extensively customized for whatever your process requires.


Equinox Series

Designed specifically for Honeywell's Solstice Performance Fluid (PF), the Equinox series of vapor-degreasers proves to be an ideal solution for those looking to switch from systems utilizing AK-225.


While the six standard models of Equinox are engineered to accommodate Soltice PF, the unique specifications of Equinox allow for any modern solvent to be used.


Call 1-800-935-0989 to discuss your Solvent Cleaning System needs with our sales team.
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